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2019: Raspberry Island Doesn't Actually Have Any Raspberries, But It Can Hold Some Heroes

The Avengers weren't the only ones breaking records last spring. The 2019 SuperHero Dash was another incredible success. Every time we think this event has reached its limit, it simply gets bigger. 

2019 was our largest Dash so far from virtually every standpoint. We had in the vicinity of 1,200 people show up representing a variety of heroes. Their courage and determination helped raise an astonishing $213,000 against a $110,000 goal (the first time the Dash has crossed the $200K mark in its history). This is less a product of inaccurate budgeting and more a result of the tremendous community that supports our mission. We are grateful for your commitment to this event and the ALS community. 

You are a hero in every sense of the word.


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