Terry Steinbach for Blizzard

Terry Steinbach, former Minnesota Twins catcher, became committed to ALS research and services helping people with ALS in 1997 when his father was diagnosed with the fatal disease.  In 2000, a year after his dad passed away, Terry became involved with the Black Woods Blizzard Tour.  He has since become the celebrity host of the Tour.  Even though Terry looks forward to the ride every year, he waits for the day that the ride will be a celebration for finding a cause and cure for Lou Gehrig’s Disease. 

Ron Gardenhire for Blizzard

Ron Gardenhire became involved in the Black Woods Blizzard Tour in 2003 when Terry Steinbach asked him to participate.  After just one year, Ron was hooked. Ron knows that being at the Black Woods Blizzard Tour is a lot of fun; he also knows that the purpose of the Tour is to raise money and awareness for ALS. After his first Tour, he became committed to helping in the quest to bring dollars in to help people with and their families.

Kent Hrbek photo for Blizzard site

Kent Hrbek, former Minnesota Twins first baseman has joined the Black Woods Blizzard Tour for many of its 17 years.  Kent has been committed to ALS research and those fighting the disease since his father, Ed Hrbek, died of ALS in 1982. Kent and Jeanie Hrbek have raised over $1.5 million to help fund ALS programs. They have donated their time by organizing fund raisers and serving as honorary chairs for The ALS Association, MN/ND/SD Chapter. Kent may have retired from the field, but will not retire against the fight against ALS until there is a cure.


Joe Vavra, joined the Black Woods Blizzard Tour in 2007 after Ron Gardenhire asked Joe to participate in the ride. Joe was happy to hop on a sled for the cause. He appreciates that everyone involved in the ride is very committed and sticks true to the ‘Never Surrender’ theme.