2019 SuperHero 5K/10K Dash

Team Lill

If you are asked to name your superhero - who would it be? My answer is, and always will be, my mom. My mom, Lill, was an amazing woman. If you are here you probabaly know her either from stories, impressions, or the woman I have become because of her. Superheroes leave legacies and stories -

Her story is one of bravery, of compassion, of love, and grace. It is also a story that was cut shorter than we could have ever imagined. My mother began her battle again ALS in January of 2015. Three short months later we lost her when she won her ultimate victory. Her story was cut short but her legacy continues through the stories we share.

Help support us in this battle so that others stories are not cut short. So that others have the chance to tell their own stories and to share their victories. The ALS Association was a superhero to our family during our time of need. In the time until a cure is found these people, this organization, are the unsung superheroes.


On May 11th our team will be participating in the SuperHero 5k/10k Dash, an event designed to raise funds in support of those with ALS throughout our region. We are reaching out to you because we need your help to reach our team fundraising goal. Together, we can support those living with Lou Gehrig's Disease while spreading awareness of the urgency to find treatments that will lead to a cure.  

This is a great time to get your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors involved and become SuperHeroes!  Please consider the difference that you might be able to make in the lives of people affected by this disease.     

Why Your Help Matters...

Also referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive, fatal neuromuscular disease that slowly takes away the body's ability to walk, speak, swallow and breathe. There is currently no cure for the disease with life expectancy averaging 2 to 5 years from the time of diagnosis.

Due to the rapid progression of ALS, the needs of someone living with the disease evolve rapidly over a short period of time. Often times insurance does not cover durable medical equipment, so The ALS Association utilizes a loan pool that allows people to access equipment at no charge. Caregivers often need a break, so The ALS Association pays for skilled home care workers to give those caregivers time. The ALS Association also provides augmentative communication devices that are critical when someone's ability to speak has been compromised.  

All of these supports help individuals and families impacted by ALS live the fullest life possible, which is why we're asking you to support our fundraising efforts or join our team.

Thank You!

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