2020 SuperHero 5K Dash

Jack's PALS


Dear Jack’s Pals,

This is supposed to be my Dad’s letter; the letter he writes every year to give you an update on how he’s doing and to ask you to consider giving to the ALS Association. Unfortunately, you’re stuck with me this year.

My Daddy died May 23rd of last year. It’s been over 10 months and I still get choked up saying that. I can remember the minute I got that call from my mom, it felt like the entire world was crashing around me. But as we’ve all had to learn around here, the whole world doesn’t stop just because our world does. So we’ve learned to adjust.

Over the last 10 months my Mom has been incredible. Annie and I are convinced she’s actually Wonder Woman. Mom continues to crush it at work, while still managing to be an absolute rock for her daughters. She’s even started answering her phone.

Annie is amazing. This past September she started her Freshman year at the University of Minnesota and has handled the transition with incredible grace. She’s both our dancing queen and man of the house all at the same time. I see more of Dad in her everyday.

And even I’m doing all right. I graduated from the U this past December and started working at Grace Church in their elementary program, a job I absolutely love.

But it’s not the same. And it never will be again.

My Daddy is with Jesus. He is dancing and singing praise to the Lord. And he is totally pain free, a fact I thank God for everyday. And while I am certain I will see him again, it doesn’t always make missing him any easier. I miss him so much it hurts sometimes.

But that is not what my Daddy wanted for me, or my sister, or my mom, or any of you; to sit around and wallow in sadness or grief. He wanted us to live, he wanted us to know the joy of the Lord, and he wanted us to help end ALS.

As Jack’s daughter, I had a front row seat to the horrors of ALS. It is a truly terrible disease. A terrible disease that took my favorite person in the world from me.

So I’d like to ask you all to please help me to honor my Dad’s memory by giving to the ALS Association and supporting the Jack’s Pals team in the ALS SuperHero Dash on Saturday, May 11th. You can give online or you can sign up to walk or run with us on that Saturday. I would love to see you and thank each and every one of you for loving my Dad.


Thank you for still being Jack’s Pals,



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