2018 SuperHero Dash

Jack's PALS




From Jack ...

Since my last letter to you all a year ago, not much has changed for me. I am much better acclimated to my paralysis. Not eating has become a little easier, I now have to remember to eat. There are days when I forget, and I am amazed by my lack of hunger. I never thought I could go a day without eating, and now I think I could go a week without food. I wish I had learned this lesson earlier in my life, I would have been in much better shape.

My swallowing and breathing have become more difficult. The breathing is becoming especially challenging. The doctors tell me, that if I don’t get sick with a cold or flu, I will eventually die because my diaphragm will quit working.

I realize that might sound a little cavalier, talking about one’s death in this way, but I am really very good with it. I am so grateful for my relationship with Jesus Christ, I find comfort in knowing that this isn’t all there is for me. I don’t know how anyone could endure dying this way without a relationship with Jesus. People regularly ask me how I can be so cheerful so much of the time, it’s not of myself but my savior who says his yoke is easy and his burden is light. I take comfort knowing that he never saved David from the battle but he never left him in the fight. When I am lying in bed, in the middle of the night, the only sound is that of my bipap device, I think of the 2nd verse in the 23rd Psalm, where it says he makes me lie down in green pastures. My bed may not look like a green pasture to most people but it is for me. I truly am a blessed man.

One blessing that has come from my present condition is my ability to sit and contemplate as life goes on around me. In doing so I have been able to see that the blessings I have received far exceed any difficulties I have incurred. Each of you has played a significant role in leading me to that conclusion.

Your generosity in last year’s ALS Super Hero Dash was a huge marker for my realization of my blessings. The giving of so many people and the amounts of money donated, humbled me and I still am in awe of the kindness of so many!

I hope you will consider joining us again this year for the ALS SuperHero Dash. The food will be better, the music will be louder and the fun will be unbelievable. I feel very comfortable saying this is my last big hurrah and I would like to make it the best yet.

Thank you all for your support, your prayers, and the love that you have shown me and my family.



2 Corinth 4:16-18

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