Anglers in the Kolar Toyota ALS Fishing Tournament have access to many online functions to help in your fundraising.

  • Your own personal webpage
  • Ability to populate your address book
  • Use of your address book to email all of your contacts to request support and donations
  • Follow up on donation requests
  • Monitor your progress
  • How to use online tools
  • Registered angelrs receive a username and password via email. Use these to access your personal webpage and create email messages.     

In addition, we have several fundraising tools available for you. Check out the ideas below as well as this handy guide!

MN_Walleye_Click_on_Box_note MN_BWBT_fundraise_Facebook
MN_Walleye_Collection_Boxes MN_BWBT_Additional_Fundraising_tips


You can Cast for a Cause! Simply collect donations to cover your fee--and consider raising more than the minimum to  earn fabulous incentive prizes. There are many ideas and tools available when raising donations. Any of the above options are great ways to earn dollars. 

The past few years we've found that more donations are coming through the use of credit cards. Most people making a donation with a credit card will increase the amount of the gift versus a gift made with check or cash. Utilize your personal webpage (login at the top of the page) to make it easier for your donors to make a credit card donation.