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You do not have to be alone on this journey. Connect the people in your life to the needs brought on by ALS.

It is easy for people with ALS and their families to become overwhelmed by the wide range of needs they have, from everyday errands to making meals, maintaining their home, and so much more. Those who want to lend a helping hand, often do not know how they can contribute in a helpful way. The Care Connection program can be a solution.

The Care Connection program is simple. It is a group of people from your network – friends, neighbors, co-workers, members of community organizations like your church, or other service groups – that provide help for the person with ALS. It can give the family caregiver a much-needed break from their many responsibilities. And it can enhance the lives of group members by giving them a meaningful way to contribute.

The program provides a plan for organizing help. Care Connection uses a website – – that allows Care Connection group members to sign in and see the community calendar where tasks have been posted by the Care Connection coordinator. It is easy to see what people have already signed to do and what jobs need more help. The website is simple to use.

So that the Care Connection group does not add more to an already full load, it is recommended that someone other than the person with ALS and primary caregiver coordinate this group. That coordinator can be a friend, family member who lives in another city, co-workers, etc.

Here are documents you can download that will provide a step-by-step guide in starting your own Care Connection group.

  • Hand Outs – information you can give those considering being part of your Care Connection Group and information on caregiver burn-out, ALS, and resources from The ALS Association
  • Forms – information on how to find group members, confidentiality form, sample letter for recruiting members, form for gathering information of members, gathering lists of tasks where help is needed
  • Scheduling – a step-by-step guide on how to set up a free web page, which can be used to recruit members and efficiently coordinate tasks for participants

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If you have questions about Care Connection, please contact The ALS Association at 888-672-0484 or