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My New Art

The Artist - Joanne Decker

For years I enjoyed expressing nature's beauty in my drawings of flowers, mountains, trees, clouds, lakes and sunsets. When I was diagnosed with ALS in 2002, I discontinued drawing because my hands were too weak to hold any drawing tools.

However, when the Vice President of Patient Services from our Chapter of the ALS Association visited our home and saw some of my art, she was certain I didn't need to give up drawing. She arranged for me to receive and learn to use a computer paint program and a "head mouse" so I could control computer functions without the use of my hands.

These days, I lose track of time often while I create colorful images on my computer screen and give new color to earlier black and white drawings. Someone once told me:  when we lose track of time, we experience heaven here on earth, since eternity is timeless. I am oh so grateful for my heaven on earth!

- Joanne Ardolf Decker

Sadly, Joanne died February 14, 2012.  Through her commitment of time and talent these cards represent her legacy of hope for the future.

To order a packet of 5 note cards with paintings by Joanne Ardolf Decker, please call the Chapter office at 1-888-672-0484 or email  Each packet of 5 different paintings and envelopes is $10 plus shipping and handling.


MN_triple_divide_Joanne_Decker MN_Wall_gardenias_Joanne_Decker MN_Wall_Geese_Joanne_Decker



 Path in the Woods Joanne Decker
Winter Willow - Joanne Decker Winter Path - Joanne Decker Pink Hoarfrost - Joanne Decker
Blizzard in the City - Joanne Decker