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Communication Equipment Loan Pool

Hrbek-Sing Communication & Assistive Device Program

The Hrbek-Sing Communication and Assistive Device Program is available to any person living with ALS in the Chapter's service area and registered with the Chapter. The program provides augmentative communication equipment to individuals who have lost their ability to verbally communicate. The program also helps people with ALS maintain their independence by providing computer access equipment and/or environmental control devices.

How to meet your needs...
Your initial appointment will consist of an evaluation by a skilled Speech and/or Occupational Therapist.  Your therapist will be able to determine what type of equipment would be most helpful. The therapist will decide if additional training is required or recommended for speech generating, environmental control or computer access devices. Any augmentative/alternative communication or assistive devices that we have will be loaned out at no charge.  Please note that items need to be returned to the loan closet once you have finished using them, allowing others to have their equipment needs met.  

Who pays the bill...
The Hrbek-Sing Program is designed to meet the changing needs of the individual as their disease progresses and as their limitations become greater.  Insurance is pursued for funding whenever possible for both therapy visits and speech generating devices. Additionally, please note that manufacturers of speech generating devices may charge an unlocking fee to allow individuals to use devices for more than just communication. As a courtesy, the ALS Association will cover the cost of the unlocking fee. In the event that your insurance will not cover the cost of a therapy visit or a speech generating device, the ALS Association may be able to assist. Please contact the Care Services team for more information. 

We continue to support you...
Questions or concerns regarding the Hrbek-Sing Program should be directed to Care Services Coordinators: Kristin Wallock, MS, OTR/L or Lisa Kronk, R.N. at the Chapter office (612) 672-0484.

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