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In This Together: Fulfilling Our Mission in 2020

2020 has presented new challenges for our world. Even though you have had to make changes in almost every aspect of your day, your unwavering commitment to our mission is what allows us to carry on. COVID-19 has impacted how we deliver our programs and services, and also our ability to raise funds for this critical work.

As we adapt to provide the highest quality of care and support for our community, we ask you to join us. The need for unity in the fight against ALS has never been more important. Things may look different, but your enduring commitment to our mission means that we are In This Together.


Our Goal

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Click above to download an in-depth look at the campaign and our Chapter Programs.

In This Together is an opportunity to come together through action to support the ALS community so that they have everything they need in an uncertain time. Your donations play a critical role. Adjustments made to our work have helped us realize cost savings of more than $500,000 through minimized in person activity, open staff positions that remain unfilled and streamlining in a virtual work environment.

Even with these savings, there is still critical fundraising work ahead to maintain our current level of service. In order to fulfill our mission in 2020 and sustain the support we provide our Chapter needs to raise $3,350,000 by January 31, 2021. You can view a detailed breakdown of our programs and services here. There are many ways for us to get there, from participating in one of our upcoming fundraising events to making a donation in support of our programs and services, but the most important part is you.


Get Involved Today

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Making a contribution to the care, research and advocacy of the Chapter is one of the most direct ways you can declare your support and move us closer to our goal.

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Chapter events will look a little different this year, but each is essential in driving critical revenue for the support we provide. Join one of our upcoming events or start a Facebook fundraiser of your own to engage others in this effort.

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Let us know how you're participating in the campaign and follow us on social media to see how others are getting involved.


Responding to the Evolving Needs of the ALS Community

From the start of the pandemic our focus has been the health and well-being of those living with ALS and their caregivers. Individuals living with ALS are vulnerable to an illness like COVID-19, so we adapted to meet their needs in the safest way possible. Our Chapter emphasized connecting with everyone so that we can identify the greatest need and find solutions that work. This includes:

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  • Checking in with every individual living with ALS in our area (450+) to understand any new challenges and identify areas of greatest need.

  • Providing technology such as iPads so that individuals and families can stay connected and cared for.

  • Working with our ALS Clinic partners in the shift to virtual visits and assisting in the fulfilling requests resulting from these appointments.

  • Thoughtfully managing sending out essential durable medical and communication equipment, including smart home technology and using higher sanitation protocols.

  • Opening online support groups for continued support and connection.

  • Providing remote grief and coping resources to help with mental and emotional challenges when needed.

  • Sharing financial resource opportunities that may be helpful to the families we serve during uncertain times.


How Your Support Can Help Us Overcome Current Challenges

In This Together helps ensure that families and individuals continue to receive the high quality care and support in an ever-changing environment. Specifically, your involvement can:

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  • Prevent waiting lists from developing for critical supports

  • Ensure equipment we provide to individuals can be kept at current levels, avoiding the cost burden for equipment (up to $250,000 per year) being passed on to families.

  • Keep the current number of respite hours the Chapter pays for intact, sustaining support for caregivers.

  • Avoid the elimination of essential home safety evaluations that allow individuals to live safely within their home as equipment they need changes.

  • Allow us to continue outside partnerships to have smart home technology we deploy installed by a professional company, maintaining current access to the technology and minimizing functionality issues.